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Car Towing Tips: How to Prepare Your Car for Long Distance Towing

Recently purchased a car but need long distance towing for delivery? Before you agree with your service provider to have your new car transported, you need to make the necessary preparations for it first. If you want to make sure that the towing will be a smooth one, you need to learn and follow reliable car towing tips.

In case this is your first time to take care of your car’s pre-towing process, at least you know what to do by reading through important information on this page. Below are easy steps to help you prepare your car for long distance towing:

Secure Its Documents

Whether it is an old or brand new car that needs to be towed, it is important that you secure all the pertinent documents before you set your car out for transport. Commonly, your vehicle’s insurance documents are needed to make sure your vehicle is still covered for long distance towing.

Thorough Inspection

It is important that you know the current condition of your car before towing. By doing a thorough car inspection, you would know your car does not have any damage in the first place. Once your car arrives at a certain destination, the inspection results would also help you identify if there has been any mishandling while your car was on transport. You get to compare the current state of your car upon arrival with the initial inspection results. If anything isn’t in place, it would be easy for you to trace who’s liable for possible damages on your car.

Keep It Clean

Whenever car towing covers a long distance, always make sure to clean your car before towing. This is to help avoid another layer of dust on your car while on transport. Also, it would not be difficult for your to clear stubborn dirt from a thick dust buildup.

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